Disciplined Planning with Local Precision

We work closely with our clients in developing a strategy to maximize profitable growth via our national planning process, CROSSVIEW, with local precision that leverages an insights-based foundation enabled by state-of-the-art tools and technology.

Proactively identifying and leveraging key consumer, category and channel trends allows us to develop better plans for our clients. Our advanced analytics system enables our front-line teams to access and analyze data at a more micro level than ever before without an army of IT specialists, data experts, and high expense. This allows them to combine the art of closing a sale with the science of analyzing retail sales, market share, and competitive data, ultimately driving effectiveness and efficiencies as a result of knowing precisely when and where resources need to be focused. Understanding and targeting the right shoppers with the right products, right channels, right locations, right pricing, and right message at the right time is the essence of precision.

The combination of our innovative planning, analytical prowess, and technology enabled field force ensures greater customer satisfaction, speed to market, on-shelf availability, and relevant connectivity to consumers and shoppers in store and out of store to drive conversion. Our front-line teams are in your stores and at your shelves day in and day out with precise instruction on how to grow your business, based on a plan developed from key insights and local knowledge.